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Jason Morganstern brings years of experience to new enterprise White Wolf Properties

Jason Morganstern launches new real estate venture, White Wolf Properties, to serve greater Puget Sound Region.

Following a successful career as a senior leasing officer with a top commercial real estate firm, Jason Morganstern is branching out by launching his own company, White Wolf Properties, in Seattle.

Jason Morganstern brings over 15 years of experience to his enterprise and will oversee daily operations with a hands-on approach.

White Wolf Properties is privately owned by Jason Morganstern and is a real estate investment and development firm designed to serve the larger Puget Sound Region.

Jason Morganstern focuses include value-add commercial real estate investments, and he is prepared to help partners maximize investments by increasing cash flow at existing properties through strategic investments in essential services and upgrades for tenants.

With White Wolf Properties, Jason Morganstern is dedicated to joint ventures and not third-party management opportunities. This focus requires bringing skills developed over a dynamic career to the table.

A key component of value-added commercial real estate is the ability to secure and redevelop properties to reposition them for growth. Jason Morganstern brings site selection, purchasing and development skills to the table for all partners of the commercial group.

Asset management is also a strong skill for Jason Morganstern, and he believes in delivering long-term value for partners.

Jason Morganstern is also involved in underwriting, lease negotiations, construction and crafting and executing the strategic plan for each new investment of White Wolf Properties, including reviewing the day-to-day operations of each property.

Jason Morganstern decided to start his own firm after spending over 10 years with a noted commercial real estate firm offering landlord services.

Through his time with the company, Jason Morganstern developed a strong strategic vision and the networking skills necessary to connect with and attract major brands to commercial spaces.

His skills in project leasing, from space layout and design to tenant mix and marketing, leave him perfectly positioned to maximize White Wolf Properties investments and oversee a dynamic mix of projects and a diverse team.

About Jason Morganstern Jason Morganstern is a 2004 graduate of American University in Washington D.C. and holds a dual bachelor’s degree in economics and public policy. He launched the Young Atlanta Real Estate Alliance and the Atlanta Jewish Federation’s Real Estate Group while working for 11 years in the project leasing section of The Shopping Center Group’s Landlord Services Division.Jason Morganstern 2