Jason Morganstern: Leadership in Real Estate

When you major in both Economics and Public Policy in one of the most prestigious universities in the world, it is no surprise that you end make decisions that are both crucial and efficient to the growth and success of the enterprise you are working on. That is exactly the story of Jason Morganstern and is also the story of how he was able to grow his real estate company, White Wolf Properties, into one of the most successful real estate companies in the United States. 

As a CEO, Jason Morganstern is extremely hands-on with the crucial components of his business. "That is one of the main ways that I learned how to conduct business from my father at a young age. The one who doesn’t take an active role in his own business growth is the one who will not end up succeeding." Jason Morganstern elucidates. "You have to be willing to be the one that makes the decision because, at the end of the day, the buck stops with you." And making the decisions on behalf of the company comes at great risk. "But it is something you have to be willing to understand and be comfortable with if you want to be the ambitious one. You want to be the one that changes the game. It is the only way." Jason Morganstern continues

It is probably his background that has given way to Jason Morganstern’s viewpoints today. A background that specifically consists of failed experimentations in real estate before launching something successful. "You have got to be willing to take the setbacks with the successes. At the end of the day, I’ve always looked at my previous failures as those lessons that truly helped me the most in my career. Sure they weren’t fun at the time but now that I look back on them, I realize how much I’ve grown and how I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t make those same mistakes." Jason Morganstern is referring to previous iterations of White Wolf Properties that didn’t take off as White Wolf Properties has. 

"Those mistakes that I made are integral to the success of White Wolf." Jason Morganstern expounds. "Without those failures, White Wolf would not be what it is today." 

As Jason Morganstern has pointed out, leadership does not exist in a vacuum. It comes after years and years of hard work, failures, and rebuilding. "Just because you are pushed down does not mean you can’t get back up. That is the part that will make you successful in any endeavor you choose. The act of getting up is part of that success story." Jason Morganstern continues. 

When it comes to staying true to your convictions and riding out storms, there aren’t many people on the planet that can do it like Jason Morganstern. It will be interesting what new properties he will build as a result of his vision and resiliency. 

Jason Morganstern

Jason Morganstern Explains What Turnkey Properties Are

Jason Morganstern provides insight to help other real estate investors.

Most people want to get in on the real estate game. There is a lot of money to be made whenever you have a property that you rent out to individuals. However, time and effort are one of the biggest factors that stop people from going all-in when it comes to real estate. Fortunately, there is a solution available for investors to help you get ahead. Jason Morganstern is here to let us know what turnkey properties are and how beneficial they can be for the average investor. Jason Morganstern has over fifteen years of experience in the real estate industry and knows how beneficial turnkey properties can be.

Jason Morganstern

Jason Morganstern knows that it can be difficult to acquire a property yourself, renovate it, and then put it back on the market. People have full-time jobs and no one knows this better than Jason Morganstern. Fortunately, turnkey properties are pre-renovated and available for purchase by an investor immediately. Various turnkey property companies act as a middle-man and will take care of the nitty-gritty work that you may not have time for. Jason Morganstern has watched as dozens of investors begin to make more money than they ever have before by using the services of a turnkey property company.

This doesn’t just apply to residential real estate either. Commercial real estate investors want their properties up and running so they can open their doors for business. Thankfully, turnkey property services can provide the same value that they do for residential properties as they do for commercial ones. What’s even better is that there is no scale-deterrent on what size of business a turnkey property service can be applied to.

Turnkey Popularity

Jason Morganstern watched as turnkey property services grew in popularity during the decline of the housing market in 2008. What many people don’t realize is that commercial businesses were affected as well. Thankfully, turnkey property services saw a boom during this time and have helped both residential and commercial properties get off the ground and into the hands of their investors. However, many people knew that this would become a very profitable and helpful service that could get people investing sooner than they realized. This is why Jason Morganstern recommends that you seek out these services if you are serious about investing in real estate.

However, there are other options that you can use to your advantage if you want diversity in your portfolio. You can take a property that has been completely renovated and sell it back on the market for a higher price. Jason Morganstern only recommends this if you know what you are doing. However, since most people who just get into the real estate industry are beginners, Jason Morganstern simply recommends that you keep it simple and rent out your properties to generate passive income. Some turnkey property services will continue to manage the property for you long after it has been rented, but that is subjective depending on the resources that they have. Turnkey property services are the future of real estate and Jason Morganstern recommends you get into it while the market is hot.

Jason Morganstern, the owner of White Wolf Properties, highly recommends that if you decide to invest your hard-earned money in Turnkey properties, you make sure that the syndicator you are working with has placed their own equity in the asset.


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Jason Morganstern brings years of experience to new enterprise White Wolf Properties

Jason Morganstern launches new real estate venture, White Wolf Properties, to serve greater Puget Sound Region.

Following a successful career as a senior leasing officer with a top commercial real estate firm, Jason Morganstern is branching out by launching his own company, White Wolf Properties, in Seattle.

Jason Morganstern brings over 15 years of experience to his enterprise and will oversee daily operations with a hands-on approach.

White Wolf Properties is privately owned by Jason Morganstern and is a real estate investment and development firm designed to serve the larger Puget Sound Region.

Jason Morganstern focuses include value-add commercial real estate investments, and he is prepared to help partners maximize investments by increasing cash flow at existing properties through strategic investments in essential services and upgrades for tenants.

With White Wolf Properties, Jason Morganstern is dedicated to joint ventures and not third-party management opportunities. This focus requires bringing skills developed over a dynamic career to the table.

A key component of value-added commercial real estate is the ability to secure and redevelop properties to reposition them for growth. Jason Morganstern brings site selection, purchasing and development skills to the table for all partners of the commercial group.

Asset management is also a strong skill for Jason Morganstern, and he believes in delivering long-term value for partners.

Jason Morganstern is also involved in underwriting, lease negotiations, construction and crafting and executing the strategic plan for each new investment of White Wolf Properties, including reviewing the day-to-day operations of each property.

Jason Morganstern decided to start his own firm after spending over 10 years with a noted commercial real estate firm offering landlord services.

Through his time with the company, Jason Morganstern developed a strong strategic vision and the networking skills necessary to connect with and attract major brands to commercial spaces.

His skills in project leasing, from space layout and design to tenant mix and marketing, leave him perfectly positioned to maximize White Wolf Properties investments and oversee a dynamic mix of projects and a diverse team.

About Jason Morganstern Jason Morganstern is a 2004 graduate of American University in Washington D.C. and holds a dual bachelor’s degree in economics and public policy. He launched the Young Atlanta Real Estate Alliance and the Atlanta Jewish Federation’s Real Estate Group while working for 11 years in the project leasing section of The Shopping Center Group’s Landlord Services Division.Jason Morganstern 2


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Jason Morganstern, Owner of White Wolf Properties, Shares His Success

Jason Morganstern’s Leadership and Focus is Changing the Retail Real Estate Game

White Wolf Properties, with Jason Morganstern at the helm, develops and executes strategic planning for all assets. As the leading executive at White Wolf Properties, Jason Morganstern is very hands-on with all projects and focuses on underwriting, deal origination, capital acquisition, creation of operating plans, secure financing, lease negotiations, asset management, and construction and development; all while managing the daily operations of every client’s portfolio.

Jason Morganstern has been successful as a result of his 15-years of high-level experience within the retail real estate space. He gained notoriety during his time at The Shopping Center Group where he was the Senior Leasing Advisor. In the position, Jason Morganstern managed over 50 properties and in 2013, he launched The Shopping Center Group’s first operation located in Boca Raton, Florida.

With his experience and leadership, Jason Morganstern and his team were able to surpass projections and generate over one million dollars within only two years. Other duties of the Senior Leasing Advisor position included daily office operations, managing the leasing and management portfolio, and business development. This experience in many areas of the business has shown the way he leads and conducts business today. Jason Morganstern holds two bachelor’s degrees from American University in Public Policy and Economics. Taking these strong leadership qualities and his educational background, Jason Morganstern he founded White Wolf Properties in 2019.

White Wolf Properties has a passion for retail real estate due to the culture created by Jason Morganstern. As a privately-owned real estate development and investment firm, White Wolf Properties focuses on finding value-added real estate opportunities in the Puget Sound region. With the guidance and leadership from Jason Morganstern, combined with market experience and strong relationships, White Wolf Properties creates successful investments.

With over 15 years of retail real estate experience, White Wolf Properties keeps all operations in-house with no 3rd party management, acquisitions, and leasing to ensure all attention is focused on joint ventures and other daily operations. This successful strategy results in lower project costs, improved management control, and increased speed and agility within the changing market requirements. The dynamic Puget Sound market requires quick and nimble reactions to be successful.

White Wolf Properties searches for neighborhood shopping centers that range in size from 4,000 to 40,000 square feet and use their in-house team to execute all phases of the development team. Jason Morganstern and his team use their skills in management, leasing, acquisition, site selection, asset management, and development and redevelop to create value at individual properties and within the retail real estate industry. White Wolf Properties has found that the key to a successful venture is leveraging and focusing efforts on industry relationships. Current acquisitions range from $1 million to $5 million of unanchored retail properties that focus solely on Western Washington markets.

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